Welcome to Prästgårdens Pension a small little hotel in beautiful Mollösund


At Prästgårdens Pension in Mollösund you can spend your holiday or just make an interesting overnight. We offer you a relaxing stay in our newly renovated old Priesthouse. We have 10 rooms, some with private shower and toilette. To make it extra comfortable for you includes sheets and towels, and the high season we serve a breakfast buffet. During other times of the year, you can easily prepare your own meals in our big kitchen if you wish. Just welcome and relax!


About Mollösund


Mollösund is probably Sweden's oldest living fishing village. These were the deep-sea fishermen who went off to the Arctic looking for ling, cod and hake. Such fish were taken on hooks, fastened in rows to long lines. This kind of fishing goes back to the sixteenth century. The golden era was the nineteenth.


The sailing boats were less than twenty meters and each had a crew of about ten men. When they reached the fishing grounds, two smaller boats were lowered and the lines were rowed out. They might be six miles long and have 2 000 hooks, often baited with mussels. With luck, there might be a catch on every second hook.


They left home in the winter and could be away until the spring. The cold and the gear were cruel to the hands and work on the small, heavily loaded vessels was dangerous. Not a year passed without women in Mollösund being widowed. But the men were known all over Europe and many worked in Britain and Norway, both fishing and giving instruction.


The channel between Mollön and Mollösund was one of the refuges in which the ships of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries would shelter for the night, or wait until the storm had passed or the mist had lifted. Stora Skeppsleden, the route between Norway and the Continent, went through the outer islands of the Bohuslän coast.


But even in earlier times they could sail here safely. The great Bronze Age cairns, here and on the summits of many other islands, served as signposts. Some of them have been enlarged more recently. Stone cairns are Sweden's oldest navigation marks.


As at all the old harbors, there was a burial ground. It was important for seafarers to know that they could be given a Christian burial if they were not too far out at sea. During the herring period of the sixteenth century people rushed to the coast from far and wide.


In the following century, still before Bohuslän became Swedish territory, Mollösund was an administrative center. Many of its inhabitants are also likely to have found their final rest here on Mollön.


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